Armbian for Jetson Nano

I have tried 2 different images, but the Eoan one refuses to start most apps, the Buster one does work, however the test.mp4 stops after 1 second of playing. I can scrub through the video, it will play a few frames and then stop.
I can’t find any ‘additional drivers’ to install.
Also it comes with Chromium which has no video acceleration, I do need a browser that supports that. Chrome would be ideal, but I think there is no Chrome ARM64 yet.

Any suggestions? Did I forget something?

update ver 20.05 20200312

New ver Armbian 20.05.3 (20200506) for Jetson Nano.
Debian - Buster Bullseye
Ubuntu - Bionic Focal

Fixed system start-up.

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New ver Armbian 20.05.4 (20200509) for Jetson Nano.

Fixed start DE for Debian image.

Thank you Jessica Alfonsi for checking the images and detecting the DE startup failure error in Debian images.

Question about using the fan.

Could you please include nouveau in future revisions?

The availability of drivers depends on the kernel. The source code for Jetson Nano does not contain such support.

It’s possible to compile one with support of nouveau