Armhf toolchain download

Per atf_and_trusty_README.txt in atf_src.tbz2 source code, if I want to build atf then need download armhf toolchain, but I don’t know how to download armhf toolchain and which version should be used?

May you help it?

Thanks a lot

hello wuhailin,

you should download here,

please defining CROSS_COMPILE_ARM_PATH to armhf (32-bit) toolchain to build trusty sources.

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FYI, armhf is 32-bit and has not been used since the TK1. The provided toolchain is arm64/aarch64.

I confused that I get the source code of ATF from L4T R32.6.1(for Jetson AGX Xavier board),
It says we should use armbhf toolchain (used by CROSS_COMPILE_ARM_PATH ) in atf_and_trusty_README.txt, it is correct or not?

that’s correct, you’ll need both 64-bit and 32-bit toolchain to cross-compile the trusty sources.

There’s something I forgot about: Bootloader code itself is probably still all 32-bit. On the other hand, if you are compiling a recent kernel, then you shouldn’t need an armhf tool. So I missed that you are probably not compiling just a kernel.