ARMv8.0 target missing for -tp

While ARMv8.0 isn’t officially supported in the HPC SDK it’s used by a lot of machines including Raspberry Pis, Jetson Nanos… which are not compatible with ARMv8.1-A.

However, when trying to build targeting ARMv8.0-A from a newer machine (so that -tp=host isn’t an option, we see that such an option is not available, with only Neoverse-N1 and V1 being the options provided:

$ nvc -tp=cortex-a57 hello.c 
nvc-Error-Switch -tp with unknown keyword cortex-a57
                    Select target processor
    host            Link native version of HPC SDK cpu math library
    native          Alias for -tp host
    neoverse-n1     Arm Neoverse N1 architecture
    neoverse-v1     Arm Neoverse V1 architecture (SVE x 256)

Could a cortex-a57/cortex-a72 target (either is fine, both implement the same ISA level) be made available for those systems for the -tp= option?

While at it, a supported -tp flag for Carmel too (Tegra Xavier) could be quite useful.

Given the NVIDIA HPC SDK targets the HPC community, our ARM support focuses on architectures that are intended for use in HPC. Other ARM architectures may work as well, but probably not something we’ll officially support.