Array misclassification?

pgf90 finds an error in the following code:

module test2
  implicit none

  integer, dimension(3), parameter :: m = (/ 2, 5, 3 /)

  real, dimension(3*m(2)), save :: b  ! error
end module test2

program test2p
  use test2
  implicit none

  b = 9.8
  print *, b
end program test2p

The error message is:
PGF90-S-0050-Assumed size array, b, is not a dummy argument (test2.f90: 6)

However, I believe b is an explicit-shape array (isn’t 3*m(2) a constant expression?), so that the code is legal. Am I wrong, or is this a compiler bug?

I’m using pgf90 6.2-3 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux.

This is a bug, and we are logging it as TPR 4233.