Array of texture How to use array of texture.

I want to use array of texture.

For example,
texture<float, 2, cudaReadModeElementType> g_dataTex[16];

But, when I use array (notation of ), I recieved error from linker that is LNK2019 linker cannot found a function named “__cxa_vec_ctor” (Sorry, my error message is Japanese. )
I use VC++2005.

Please tell me, How to use of array of texture in CUDA.

it is not possible.

Is there any other solution, that read many textures in loop.

And, “__cxa_vec_ctor” is function of libstdc++ library of linux.
Is array of texture available only on linux?

Maybe, 3D texture can help you.


I didn’t find 3D texture so I used CUDA 1.1.

3D texture is supported from CUDA 2.0beta.

I will change versions to 2.0beta.

Thank you very much, hqyang. External Media

In another thread, using a bigger 2D array to contain all the texture information was suggested. In case you have problems with the 3D approach, though it seems better, here’s the info: