ARSDK facemesh with 126 landmarks fails


if i run the FaceTrack sample application from the ARSDK with facemesh mode, it works correctly when i use it with 68 landmarks, but fails when i start the app with --landmarks_126=true .
Is this a bug, unsupported operation or am i doing sth. wrong?

Hi fishylein - I’m going to take a look into this.

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Hi Fishylein - sorry for the delay. I reproduced this myself and reached out to the development team. I was advised that the Surrey Face Model supports 68 landmarks but not the 126 you and I tested with. If you have a model that supports 126 landmarks the ARSK will latch on and work as expected. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Thanks for digging deeper. Maybe it should be documented that it is not supported with the SFM which is suggested to be used with the example apps.
I will try it with a custom model now.

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I don’t want to speak for engineering but I believe the docs will be updated. Not sure when. Please let us know how the custom model works!

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