Artefact in Libagrus Image

We are seeing some artefacts in the image captured using Libargus.

HW setup:

  1. Xavier NX - Custom Carrier Board
  2. Image sensor->SubLVDS->FPGA->MIPI->NX (Bayer10BG)

SW setup:

  1. Libargus to capture image - YUV420 output. Pipeline created before JP5.1 (using JP5.0.2), hence using YUV420. ISP does demosaicing, CCM, etc…
  2. VIC - Convert YUV420 to RGB
  3. RGB saved as png using OpenCV

Details of the artefact:

  1. We are seeing color patches (8x8 block) in the image when we zoom it and this noise makes our DL model to fail.
  2. We don’t know the cause of the issue.
  3. Also, we notice that the image has some fogging effect. (Have tried defogging in the settings, didn’t help much)

Details of the attachment.

  1. Original Image:
  2. Area of focus.
  3. Artefact image (color patches/Blocks).

Did you confirm the YUV420 output from Argus?

Yes. The output from libargus is YUV420.

Please try adjust the Edge Enhance strength.
You can check by gst-inspect-1.0 nvarguscamerasrc to check ee-mode/ee-strength


Could you use nvargus_nvraw to capture the raw/JPEG to confirm.


@ShaneCCC ,

With V4l2, the captured image is good without any artefacts. I will check edge enhance strength.

hello ts-guna,

had you apply ISP tuning files? may I also know what’s badge property settings in your sensor device tree?