ArticulationView for get_measured_joint_efforts func on GPU

Hi, I built up an env with Orbit and it’s running on GPU, and I used the ArticulationView’s get_measured_joint_efforts() to get the fingertips’ tactile points force feedback. But when I try to train the env, it has the error like:

2023-11-13 21:31:55 [5,943ms] [Error] [omni.physx.plugin] PhysX error: PxArticulationLink::setGlobalPose(): it is illegal to call this method if PxSceneFlag::eENABLE_DIRECT_GPU_API is enabled!, FILE /buildAgent/work/74336105e89c4a74/source/physx/src/NpArticulationLink.cpp, LINE 343

It seems like a configuration problem.
Anybody know how to figure out it? Thanks!