Artifacts after waking from sleep on 384.130 and 390.48

After waking from sleep I have strange screen artifacts in various applications. An application that reliably demonstrates this is Visual Studio code. If a file is open in Visual Studio code then there is an overview pane on the right side of the application that will get corrupted after waking from sleep. I have only recently tested this on Ubuntu 17.10 so I will try and test other distributions like Fedora and Arch and will report back.

I tested this with KDE Plasme 5.12 and had similar results. I have uploaded a screenshot of that as well.

OS: Ubuntu 17.10
Desktop environment: GNOME/KDE Plasme
GPU: GTX 960
Driver version: 384.130/390.48
nvidia-bug-report-390.log.gz (119 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-384.log.gz (248 KB)