ASAP2 H/W offload is not possible with multiple action's output


I’m using connectX6-dx to compose my server with openvswitch version 2.17.3.

To improve the performance, I am trying to offload all flows as much as possible. Unfortunately, I have found that the data path could not be offloaded if it included multiple actions. Here is an example:

cookie=0x0, duration=251.850s, table=10, n_packets=26627107, n_bytes=1225234666, priority=100 actions=resubmit(,20),output:"veth-test"

The veth-test is made from ip link add veth-test type veth peer name veth-test2

If I get rid of output:“veth-test” so that there is only one action, the data path is offloaded successfully.

Could you describe how to offload the previous flow entry?

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Hello bk-2,

For this issue, additional information and further debug may be required. If you have a valid NVIDIA Enterprise Support entitlement, we strongly recommend opening a support ticket:

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NVIDIA Enterprise Support

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