ASAP2 offload does not send any packet


I’m struggling with enabling ASAP2 since it does not packets whenever the openvswitch datapath is offloaded into the ConnectX6-DX.

The packets are not sent when the dp is offloaded ‘exactly’ (I have checked ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows -m type=offloaded), while I succeed in sending when the packet is dp miss so that it is handled by software.

What should I need to check more?

First not all rules can be offload, you can check below,²+direct#src-111589098_safe-id-T1ZTT2ZmbG9hZFVzaW5nQVNBUMKyRGlyZWN0LVN1cHBvcnRlZEFjdGlvbnM

And, follow below to config,²+direct#src-111589098_safe-id-T1ZTT2ZmbG9hZFVzaW5nQVNBUMKyRGlyZWN0LW92c2h3b2ZmbG9hZHNjb25maWc

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However, I have seen the offloaded flow by the command ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows -m type=offloaded which means the dp is allowed to be offloaded.

Hence, we can make sure there is no non-supported action as well as the configuration is fine, can’t we?

Thank you for your comment and I hope your opinion.

That just means can add to rules table. You know some action need kernel mark then hardware follow. I am not sure the OFED and kernel version you used.

To get most compatible action I suggest you use OFED supported latest kernel and latest OFED and firmware and OVS.

Thank you for your reply, again.

I am using pretty much the latest versions for both OFED and kernel.

The OFED version is 5.8- and the OS is ubuntu 22.04 with 5.15.0-71 kernel.

ovs-vsctl --version prints 2.17.7.
The firmware version is 22.35.3006.
iproute2 version is 5.15.0

OFED 5.8 very old, please use OFED 23.10

AFAIK, it is the LTS version. but, with your suggestion, I will try it.

Thank you.

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