ASAP2 output truncation


I’m following NVIDIA DOCS ASAP port mirroring to capture packets with CX5. (OVS Offload Using ASAP² Direct - NVIDIA Docs)

However, it is not allowed to truncate the packets via snaplen options once the flow is offloaded. In my opinion, it is because the ASAP datapath actions do not have trunc. Further, the output(port, max_len) action is not available due to not implemented trunc actions in H/W dp.

Then, is there any good approach to do ASAP2 H/W offloading and packet truncation simultaneously?

This is all supported rules so far, I don’t think “packet truncation” under support.²+direct#src-117375782_safe-id-T1ZTT2ZmbG9hZFVzaW5nQVNBUMKyRGlyZWN0LVN1cHBvcnRlZEFjdGlvbnM

Thank you for your quick answer.

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