ASAP2 port mirroring with tc

Does ASAP2 support port mirroring on a MCX512A-ACAT? i.e can we replicate what’s going out of one port on a second. We are trying this with 4.7 driver on Linux and latest firmware as follows:

tc qdisc add dev ens1f0 handle 1: root prio

tc filter add dev ens1f0 parent 1: flower skip_sw dst_mac e4:11:22:11:4a:51 action mirred egress mirror dev ens1f1

But we get a cryptic error message from tc, is this supported and if so what filters are allowed?

Hi Matthew,

Please refer to the ASAP2 to the “port mirroring” supported method:



Hi Samer,

Thanks for the response.

The example shows port mirroring using OVF with SR-IOV.

My question is whether port mirroring using tc and physical NICs is supported?