ask for help “how to improve remote bandwidth performance?”(we use telsa p4)

[b]Recently we want to visit the remote endpoint of the GPU through the network card, We test found that the bandwidth is relatively low. The analysis of two reasons:

The first is the need to increase each transmission to the far end of the first mac, the first packet lower the payload, the current GPU maxpayload only 128byte, can be set to 256byte?

The second is to pull away a certain delay, when the delay is larger will result in insufficient GPU tag, the current GPU uses 256 tags, but the margin is only 128 at work, this can be set to 256?

Seeking guidance, very grateful[/b]

Dear lichangqing.lichangqing,

Could you please move this topic to GPU related forum? Because this forum is for DRIVE Platforms. Thanks.

i am sorry for that ,but i do not know how to move to GPU related forum ,can you gei me the webaddress?
and i want to solve this problem bypass driver. is it wrong?