Ask for samples of L4T Multimedia API Reference index

How to use the functions which list in “files” of L4T Multimedia API Reference?

I want to do some control to my CSI MIPI camera(IMX 219) on Jetson Nano, like “ae”, “awb”, “color matrix correction”, “denoise” and so on. And I found that some functions in L4T Multimeida fitted my request,but I have no idea to start the next step on how to use them, because I could not find any samples or guidance about that.

Could you please show me some samples about that? Urgently. Pleas give me some guidance. Thank you so much!

Duplicated with

Hi kayccc:

en…en…Because I have found that I created the topic in a wrong place(Jetson TX2). Actually I used Jetson Nano.Could you please give some advisement to my work?

Thanks a lot.