Asking for feedback on the upcoming release of the Modern-C++ CUDA API wrappers

Hello fellow CUDAers,

Another release of my cuda-api-wrappers library is coming up: Version 0.4.4; there’s a list of changes at the link. In particular, it should play a lot nicer with MSVC, which had given some people trouble before.

Those of you who are using, or have tried and liked, previous versions of the wrappers - I would like to ask for your help with some feedback on the recent changes - in v0.4.4 and actually in v0.4.3 as well, seeing how that was released without much “beta-testing”.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, a new version, covering both the driver and runtime API as well as NVRTC, is almost done. I don’t have a preview release of it yet, but that one is a more radical and I dare say exciting change (e.g. allowing the vectorAdd example to look like this). So far very few people have “taken that out for a spin”, so again - adventurous spirits would be very welcome to do so and file issues or even just post thoughts/impressions here.