assembling TX1 'Jet' Robot Kit:

The wiring instructions for assembling the TX1 ‘Jet’ Robot Kit show a connection from Arduino Mega’s PWR 3.3V and GND to the MPU’s VCC and GND. But when the Pololu shield is mounted on top of the Mega these wires block the shield’s leftmost 6-pin data connector. I considered connecting the 2 wires to the Pololo shield instead, but this in turn is blocked by the the Arduino sensor shield which is mounted on top of the Pololu.

Also, in the photo of the final assembly, there are additional wires going into the Sensor shield (4 IIC pins) that are not in the schematics. These wires connect the MPU to the sensor shield (instead of the Arduio’s PWR & GND port as instructed in the schematics); the second pair from the MPU now connects to the sensor shield’s remaining 2 IIC pins instead of the Mega’s SDA 20 & SLC 21 pins.

Is that what I should do (connect the MPU to the sensor shield instead of the Mega) to overcome the problem of two of these pins preventing the Pololu from being mounted?


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