Asset Resolver in omniverse

Hi, first post here, happy to be part of early access program

So to my question:
Most of our usd file uses the default AR (pixar asset resolver), to solve paths, using search paths
With other usd dccs and applications we use, we just set this env variable, and AR will solve the path
set PXR_AR_DEFAULT_SEARCH_PATH=/mnt/projects/kutoppen2;N:/kutoppen2

a path would look somthing like this,
prepend references = @output/cache_anim/q022.0/shots/q022.0_s001.0/v001/cache/_CAMERAS/_CAMERAS.usd@</Root__CAMERAS>

Ar would try different anchor paths in front of the paths to se what works

I can not make this work with kit,
i’m currently on version 2020.2.10193

is it disabled inside omniverse/kit or am i doing something wrong here,

thanks and cheers