Assign value in GstNvInferObjectInfo

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) Jetson
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only) 5.0.1
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Hello, when using detector in the deepstream pipeline, we assign the parsed data into NvDsInferParseObjectInfo.
When we look into attach_metadata_classifier, in gstnvinfer_meta_utils.cpp, the parsed data is assigned into object_meta using GstNvInferObjectInfo.

In which part does the NvDsInferParseObjectInfo turns into GstNvInferObjectInfo?
I added some new field and wanna assign it to the misc_obj_info field in the _NvDsObjectMeta.

Thanks :)

GstNvInferObjectInfo comes from the NvDsInferClassificationOutput.

        NvDsInferClassificationOutput &classification_output = frame_output.classificationOutput;
        GstNvInferObjectInfo new_info;
            classification_output.attributes + classification_output.numAttributes);
        for (guint i = 0; i < classification_output.numAttributes; i++) {
          classification_output.attributes[i].attributeLabel = nullptr;

I mean in detection.
in the gstnvinfer.cpp, seems like NvDsInferDetectionOutput contains NvDsInferObject.
Where is NvDsInferDetectionOutput created and set data from NvDsInferParseObjectInfo?

It gets it from the following struct NvDsInferFrameOutput in the sources\includes\nvdsinfer_context.h file.

        attach_metadata_detector (nvinfer, GST_MINI_OBJECT (tensor_out_object.get()),
                frame, frame_output.detectionOutput, init_params->segmentationThreshold);

And the batch_output is from the OutputBatch queue.

    batch_output = &tensor_out_object->batch_output;
    /* Dequeue inferencing output from NvDsInferContext */
    status = nvdsinfer_ctx->dequeueOutputBatch (*batch_output);

Since it’s open source, you can add some log yourself to check the process.

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