Assigning values to an array inside Device Kernel


Could one do the following inside a cuda device subroutine?

      DATA GI/0.148874338981631,-0.148874338981631, &
              0.433395394129247,-0.433395394129247, &
              0.679409568299024,-0.679409568299024, &
              0.865063366688985,-0.865063366688985, &

Where the above is an array declared and assigned as seen above to “GI” on the device?

Thank you for your cooperation.


Hi Ahmed,

I know we did some work on allowing this but I’m not sure where we’re at on it. Michael Wolfe was doing the work but is overseas right now so I can’t ask. I’ll send him a note but I’m not sure when he’ll be able to respond.

  • Mat