Assistance Needed: Issac Sim Not Functioning in GUI Environment

I’ve encountered an issue with Issac Sim not working properly in a GUI environment.
Currently, I’ve completed a docker-based setup on a remote server using the following document (Setup — ARNOLD 1.0 documentation).
I attempted to implement the server’s GUI using Xming, and basic tasks like xclock and xeyes are functioning normally. Additionally, I confirmed the GUI environment setup through the command “vagrant rdp – ‘-f’.”
Subsequently, I accessed the server using the “vagrant ssh” command and tried to perform a Sanity Check by entering the command “/isaac-sim/ /isaac-sim/standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.franka/” However, as indicated in the attached log file below, an error occurred.
isaac-sim_error.txt (27.1 KB)

It seems to be related to GPU issues, but I’m not entirely certain.
Furthermore, when I input the “vulkaninfo” command, I encountered an error (image below).

How can I resolve this issue? Additionally, I’ve attached an image containing information about the GPU I’m using for reference.


nvcc -V