Asus MB16AP with Xavier

The display connects to Jetson via USB-C. Moreover, the display has ~7000Mah battery that is said to be able to supply power to usb-C devices. However, what I can see is that the display charges from Jetson up to 100%, then it discharges. Neither power supply from Jetson via USB-C seems to supply the Display with power not otherwise, as the Jetson wont start being connected via USB-C to the display.

Did anyone manage to power Xavier from USB-C? How to check if USB-C provides enough power to supply both charging of the DISPLAY and keeping it turned on? Will there changes be required to increase somehow power supply via USB-C port with the purpose to keep the display on and charging? Any ideas on how to improve the situation?

so far display charges , then discharges and powers off and then charges again and then can be used until discharges.


well, another question is how to open a video playing on two displays like in fragments - as I connected two MB16 to Xavier I can open a single window in a way it will be shown partially at left display and partially at right display, but if I will use generic full window expansion - the window will just fit to one display. I am just wondering if there is a handy way to make ‘full screen’ to expand a single output to two displays with distribution of part of output to left display and the rest of output to right display.

We are checking if we have it tested/supported for Xavier release.

It turned out that Asus Zenscreen [ without battery] works just fine, and
Zenscreen GO [ with 7000Mah battery] works more or less decent in ECO mode that did not get lower than 56% chaarge for days after I switched it into the ECO mode. But if to use other modes it will discharge up to 0% several times a day. However, I am working out the issue with Asus support. May be something will come up soon. But it appears to me that hardly the display will be able to supply power to Xavier. BTW, Workstation Usb-c neither can supply power to power on the Xavier, as it appears to me. Can it?
@DaneLLL: did you get any result getting onboard devkit camera working with loopback somehow?


Hi Andrey1984,

I believe we don’t have such test case before. Could you describe it again what is exactly the error?

Sorry that I am not 100% sure understanding the problem from #1.

what I can see is that the display charges from Jetson up to 100%, then it discharges.

Does it mean typeC port does not give power supply to your display after display is charging to 100%?

Hi WayneWWW.
Probably the issue is that typeC port does not give supply to the display after display is charging 100%, and then the display starts discharging despite the fact that it is still connected to the Xavier. Though in ECO mode it discharges slower dramatically than in regular mode.
Can the reason be “Power Consumption(Typical):<9W” as it stated at tech specs of the display? Is it likely that Jetson can be powered from its battery? from a workstation USB-C? Did you try powering on Xavier with USB-C?

For more information, when the display is not 100% charged, does Jetson start to charge the device if you disconnect and connect it?

Thank you for your question.
For example now the display is kind 67% and it shows like charging is active.
Now I am disconnecting it, and connecting it back, it automatically recognizes the Jetson Xavier as PC and asks if to use it as a Power supply. Therefore it seems like charging… Now the level of charge will probably float around 40-90 and will reach 100 only if I will turn the display off keeping it charging…
Next question is if their next model that has touchscreen will be supported by Xavier, though it did not get to release so far, as it seems to me.

Hi Andrey1984,

Could you share a weblink of your panel? We would like to check further detail about it.


weblink like weblink or some specific weblink?
The second connected panel is a variation of the panel above, but without battery, and it works just fine.
However, the response from ASUS support hasn’t been very informative, in my opinion:

"Thank you for that information, let me assist you with it.
I just checked the status of your case on our higher support and they already have a resolution regarding the concern.
I’ll provide their resolution below.
“The only way that it works is MB16AP works with PC in case the DisplayLink drivers are installed”
In the event that you have additional concerns, please let me know and I will be happy to take care of them as well.

Hi Andrey,
We get one Asus MB16AP and have following observation:

1 The VBus stays at 5V when Xavier is up
2 Once you power on the panel
    * When you select "No Need Power From PC", the panel draws about 0.1A, the battery would discharge it up to 0%
    * When you select "Power Supply From PC", the panel draws about 0.5A, the battery would discharge it up to 0%
3 Once you power off the panel, the panel draws about 2 A

Except over-current condition, Xavier does not limit the current on VBUS. It looks to be an issue in the TV that does not draw enough current when it is in use.