ATI video card and CUDA 2.2?

Is it possible to use an ATI video card for the video + 2 Tesla cards with CUDA 2.2 in RHEL 5.3?

If so, how can I configure the CUDA 2.2 driver to drive only the two Teslas, but not the video card.
while also having the built-in video driver in RHEL 5.3 drive the ATI video card?

When I click on the NVIDIA control center, I getthe message that it is not activated (because the built-in Linux
driver is active for the ATI video card), and when I run nvidia-xconfig and restart, X does not start and the
resetting procedure restores the built-in video driver and deactivates the NVIDIA driver.

When you install the nvidia driver, do not run the Xconfiguration option to leave X running on the ATI card.
Use the script in the release note to load the nvidia driver and create the /dev entries.