Attach a Display Port (not the eDP port) to Jetson

Is it possible to attach a Display port to the Jetson? I am not talking about the eDP port.

Hi theCuriousOne,

It is possible, however, you could only select either HDMI or DP on TX1 because of HW limitation.

Hi WayneWWW,

Could you please direct me in the right direction here?

How do I add the Display Port female port to Jetson? I have read that one needs to build an adaptor that connects to the embedded Display port (J23) available and has a female display port on that adaptor.

Is there a better way? Anything quick?

Thank You

Hi theCuriousOne,

In fact, most users have resources to make their own custom board that can connect DP port. We provide OEM design guide for making custom board.