Attaching a display to a GRID K2?

Very lame question but in a "lights out" data center, connecting to a DELL 720 is by DRAC only. I did so and when I attempt to run Nvida control panel, I recieve a message that: You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDA GPU. It must be the simpliest thing in life to attach the K2 to the current display (Console on the DRAC). How do you do that?

The iDRAC uses a special console which probably can only connect to the internal on-board video device in the server. My guess is that connecting that way to the K2 isn’t going to be possible (again, just a guess on my part).

Thanks, I am headed to that conclusion but am looking for ways to validate that I have a correctly installed set of K2’s. We’re not the typical xeDesktop or other VDI type application and are working with Siemens Teamcenter Active Workspace initiative. Before I get up to my back side in Siemens software, I’d like to know that I have offically installed the K2’s correctly. Thanks for the insight

You can always run nvidia-smi on the server itself, which should show your instances. You also didn’t mention if you were running VMware, Hyper-V or XenServer on your Dell server, but each of those has means to see the installation state within the server itself. That routine should install as part of the general driver installation process. On XenSevrer, for example, it installs as a binary with the path /usr/bin/nvidia-smi so it can be run from the CLI.