Attaching Nsight Visual Studio Debugger to process failed

Hi, I am using Nsight Visual Edition 6.0 to debug CUDA 10 samples on RTX 2070. When lauching Nsight Nxt-Gen debugger, it prompts that Attaching Nsight Visual Studio Debugger to process failed, unexpected error: 0x80004005. After hanging for a moment, another message occurs saying incompatiblities with 3rd party networking software. I have no idea how to figure out the problem.

My platform configuration is as follows:

Win 10 1803 RS4
Display driver: 417.01

We can’t currently reproduce this problem, but suspect it may be a firewall interfering with our TCP/IP communication between the debugger and the target app. Opening port range 4500-4510 in the firewall may fix this.
Also note that 4500-4510 is not currently configurable to another port number.
The Legacy Debugger users a different set of port numbers: Debugger(8000) and the Monitor(8001)

In the user guide, it is mentioned that the default port number for NVIDIA Nsight is 8000, while the default port for the application is 8001. Do I need to change the application port to 4500? Many thanks.

Those docs refer to the Legacy Debugger(8000) and the Monitor(8001) (and should be updated to include the Next-Gen Debugger). The Legacy Debugger does not support the Turing RTX line.
For the Next-Gen Debugger, it starts at 4500 may select something (up to 4510), if 4500 is in use.
So opening the range of 4500-4510 is recommended (comment above expanded to match this).

Thank you very much for your help. I finally got it to work properly. BTW, can the next-gen debugger be used offline without internet connection?

The Next-Gen Debebugger does not require an internet connection. It simply uses TCP/IP to communicate between the debugger and the debuggee.