Attaching to Autodesk Maya

Has anyone had success using the debugger (v2.1.21898417) with Autodesk Maya?

I’ve tried launching the application but the debugger seems to spin endlessly while “Searchinng attachable process”. In the Status pane I do see:

[Status] maya is launched.
[Status] Searching processes…

I’ve also not had any success launching the process and then attempting to “Attach” - it is not visible in the “Process Name” pane. Attempting to LD_PRELOAD the gfx_debugger shared library prior to launching causes Maya to segfault during startup.

Any help you might offer would be great.

Hi there,
Could you please provide more information?

  • Linux distribution and version
  • GPU
  • Graphics driver version
  • Maya version and bitness
  • Linux window system
  • Shell type
  • LGD mode (x86 or x64)
    Also the detailed steps of repro are appreciated.(how did you try to attach to the process? how did you launch the app with LD_PRELOAD?)