Attempt to validate CUDA installation failing


I’ve recently installed an nvidia card on my computer (EVGA GeForce GT 730). I’ve installed the card software and also installed the CUDA toolkit. I’m trying to confirm that the toolkit can communicate with my hardware. I’ve using the directions at this link below, in section 2.5.

I found the program “devicequery”, albeit in the wrong location (NVIDIA Corporation > CUDA Samples > v7.5 > Browse Cuda Samples > 1_Utilities > deviceQuery). I ran the program “deviceQuery” in this folder (although I had to first install Visual Studio Express 2013). The program opened, and the attachment button was in place of the run button. I chose the option to have it attach to “Automatic: Native Code”. At this point, it ran the code. However, the code seemed to run for a very long time ~15 minutes, without doing anything. I would think for a function this simple, it would not take so long.

Is there something someone can suggest to fix the issue?



You don’t seem to be following the instructions from the document you linked.

  1. You are supposed to have VS2013 installed before you install the CUDA toolkit
  2. You should not be using VS2013 Express
  3. You are supposed to build the deviceQuery sample code before running it