Attempting to make CUDA files in the latest release of the Accelerated Computing Teaching Kit on a Nano

In Mod 02, the CUDA Compiles on my Jetson Nano, but when I execute it fails with

Cuda failure ‘initialization error’

Reducing the N has no effect
The same error occurs on all of the Example code both original and solution in Mod 02

Has anyone been able to build and execute the Accelerated Computing Teaching Kit on a Nano? If so, what did you need to change to get it to run? Appears to Build, but not run


Please check the CMakeLists.txt file and add the Nano GPU architecture (5.3) into ARCH_FLAGS.

# For some MPs it may be necessary to specify the compute capability of your
# NVIDIA GPU. In that case, simply uncomment the following two lines that start
# with 'set' and change the value of COMPUTE_CAPABILITY to one of the following
# hardware architectures: Tesla-class '11', '12', or '13'; Fermi-class '20'
# or '21'; Kepler-class '30', '32', '35'; or Maxwell-class '50' or '52'


Thank you for the quick response!!!

I now see that in there is no CMakeLists.txt file at least in any of the parent folders of the Modules.
I had run CCMake to generate the make files without it so it did did not have the section containing CMAKE_CUDA_ARCHITECTURES causing this issue.

There is a CMakeLists.txt is the previous release called gputeachingkitslabs but I am concerned that it might not be correct for this release.

Should I use the CMakeLists.txt from the prior release, or is there one available for this release?



Would you mind sharing your so we can check?
You can share it via private message or attach it here.

Hi AastaLLL


The created June 11 had the labs in a separate zip called created June 16

When I try to attach that file to this email, google gmail is blocking it!

That zip had a CMakeLists.txt file dated 5/5

The latest zip of is dated 9/15

Has the Labs with subfolders for original and solution under each of the Modules as a separate zip file

However, I cannot find anywhere within the latest zip of GPU-Teaching-Kit-Accelerated-Computing a CMakeLists.txt file!

I am trying to use a NVIDIA Jetson Nano as the target for a new Certificate based course called “Hands On GPU Programming” and need to be able to create videos showing students how to do the labs

I’d really like to be able to use NSight in VS Code to develop this course material


There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.


Thanks for sharing the file.

However, we cannot download the data due to authority.
Could you give it a check and enable the permission?


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