Attribute Error when building a Isosceles Prism using the csg module

I am trying to build a 3D isosceles prism with the csg module. I assign the required arguments in the format stated in the documentation. However, I get an Attribute Error of ‘Add’ object has no attribute ‘dot’. The full trace can be seen in the pictures below and my code is copied below.

import numpy as np
from sympy import Symbol, Eq
import modulus
from modulus.hydra import to_absolute_path, to_yaml, instantiate_arch
from modulus.hydra.config import ModulusConfig
from modulus.csv_utils.csv_rw import csv_to_dict
from modulus.continuous.solvers.solver import Solver
from modulus.continuous.domain.domain import Domain
from modulus.geometry.csg.csg_3d import Box, Cylinder, IsoTriangularPrism, TriangularPrism
from modulus.continuous.constraints.constraint import (
from modulus.continuous.validator.validator import PointwiseValidator
from modulus.continuous.inferencer.inferencer import PointwiseInferencer
from modulus.key import Key
from modulus.node import Node
from modulus.PDES.linear_elasticity import LinearElasticity
from modulus.plot_utils.vtk import var_to_polyvtk

add constraints to solver

make geometry

x, y, z = Symbol(“x”), Symbol(“y”), Symbol(“z”)
prism_one_centre = (0,0,0)
prism_one_base = 0.05196
prism_one_height = 0.015
prism_one_height_prism = 0.1

prism_one = IsoTriangularPrism(prism_one_centre, prism_one_base, prism_one_height, prism_one_height_prism)