It seems that pgcc (PGI Community Edition Version 18.10 for Windows) doesn’t understand the attribute((section(“name”))) variable attribute. Can someone suggest a workaround? Help would be highly appreciated!

Hi luky0711,

Sorry, but I couldn’t find a good work around sans hacking the generated assembly file or possibility using the “SECTION” option to MS link.

This is the first time we’ve had anyone ask about this feature. I can put in a RFE, but could you please help me understand the benefits of using the section attribute? As far as I can tell it’s mostly used to map data to special hardware which is usually outside of PGI’s HPC focus.


Hi Mat,

thank you for your answer. We are trying to hook a destructor function into Microsoft’s CRT. Something like

PIMAGE_TLS_CALLBACK thrd__tls_callback
attribute((section(".CRT$XLB"))) = thrd__on_thread_exit;

#pragma fini or attribute((destructor)) don’t work under Windows.