Audio 2 face doesn't start

Hello there.

I’m trying to launch audio 2 face app but nothing. White doesn’respond window.

Create launch without any problem. Just

A2F. 2022.1.0.
Windows 10 pro. 21H1. Build 19043.1826. Experience pack 120.2212.4180.0.
Nvidia drivers up to date.

Thanks for your time.


Hello @piotr47! Currently, version 2022.1.0 of A2F takes over 3 minutes to load. The development team is looking into this issue. Take a look at this post: It takes more than 3 minutes for Audio2Face to launch

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Thanks WendyGram, I’ll launch the app and make me coffee for it can take its time.

I’ll report if it launches.



EDIT : works like a charm indeed if I give it time to launch. Thanks again WendyGram, PROBLEM SOLVED.

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