Audio 2 Face Extension - PiP install

I actually can’t make sense of this.
If i don’t have the correct protobuf installed on my system. I am unable to send a audio stream to A2F.
This makes sense. It tells me to downgrade to something below 3.20(I used 3.17.3). If i do that i can send a stream of audio from Omniverse Code to audio to face and it will play.
I will have no errors with my extension in Code. I can use a locally deployed docker riva quickstart 2.14.0 server to synthesize the audio.

If i try to activate the extension in Audio 2 Face i get this error:

2024-04-11 14:55:08  [Error] [omni.ext._impl.custom_importer] Failed to import python module curiousxr.avatar.extension. Error: cannot import name 'builder' from 'google.protobuf.internal' (d:/nvidia/librarypath/audio2face-2023.2.0/exts/omni.audio2face.player_deps/deps/py/google/protobuf/internal/ Traceback:

I have already tried to copy the protobuf folder from a more recent project into the protobuf folder for A2F.
The extenion will load then. But NONE of the A2F extensions will load. So that doesn’t work.
3.17.3 is the protobuf version A2F is using as i’ve listed before in the beginning of this post