Audio broken in Android CloudXR 3.0 sample


I’ve just grabbed the latest CloudXR 3.0 SDK and corresponding sample code from GitHub, and when building for Android (the hello_cloudxr Android Studio project), it seems like audio is not being played on device correctly. I hear audio playing on my PC, but from the Android device, I just get a repeated clicking noise.

I’m testing on a Samsung S21+ on Android 11. The new code with oboe seems to be building fine (it’s definitely picking up the lib), just not reproducing the sound correctly.

Are you aware of this issue and is there a fix in the works?


Ah, I at least have a workaround, if you change this line:


to this:


audio plays back correctly. I would guess this is some kind of compatibility issue with the S21+.

Hi David!
Thank you for trying out CloudXR 3.0. To help us investigate this further would you be able to provide a logcat from application startup both with and without LowLatency enabled? The Samsung device we are testing on (Fold 2) with Android 11 does not seem to exhibit this issue so any help you can give us would be much appreciated.


Hi Arjun,

Sure, here you go. I cleared the Logcat, touched the plane so it calls Connect(), then it hit a breakpoint at the end of the function (otherwise the logcat loops around).

HelloCloudXRBoot_LowLatency.txt (539.0 KB)
HelloCloudXRBoot_None.txt (20.7 KB)


Thank you for passing this along David! We will look into this and post back here once we figure out why LowLatency is causing these issues.