AUDIO_HV (3.3V Capable) pins in TX2


I have a question regarding AUDIO_HV (3.3V Capable) pins in TX2.

In “Jetson-TX2-Generic-Customer-Pinmux-Template.xlsm”, followings pins are under AUDIO_HV (3.3V Capable) section.

[b]- I2S2_LRCLK

  • I2S2_SDIN
  • I2S2_SDOUT
  • I2S2_CLK[/b]

My question:

Can I connect the above pins directly to 3.3 V audio codec like Texas Instruments TLV320AIC3105?

that is, I do not need to use 3.3 V level shifter to connect the above pins to 3.3 V audio codec ?


No, they are powered by 1.8v rail in module that can’t be changed.

thanks so much.