Audio in Render

Hello, I am rendering a test sequence with a character worked in Audio2face and with the audio synchronized.
In the viewport image and audio synchronize perfectly.

When I do the final render, there is no audio. Is there an option for the audio to also be attached to the rendered mp4?

Hi Antoni, I’ll pass this onto the devs and we’ll investigate the issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

In the meantime, could you list you settings and if anything appeared in the logs? Thanks.

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Thanks @OmniDave
If I insert the audio directly into the sequence it doesn’t work. If I create an audio track and drag the audio clip directly it doesn’t work.
If I drag the audio clip onto the stage, it works. Then if you let me drag it to the sequencer. In the sequencer even if you limit the duration it is not limited. Who conducts is the audio on stage.
Either way it is not attached in the mp4 and neither is the audio file exported.
The audio is a wav. Any problem?

Thanks, here are some screenshots;


Audio integrated into movies is coming SOON™, but in the next few days you should have a new version of Machinima which allows you to save off an audio wav file of your mixed audio. This wav file can then be integrated into a video file using one of the many 3rd party tools out there which enable this.

This is a temporary workaround until we get a good solution out there for you. Know that we are working on it! Audio is a critical element in many videos people want to make with Machinima.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Thank you very much Ryan for the information and the update. If the audio is exported, even separately, it will be a great advance.