Audio input sampling rates

I am curious as to what’s the highest sampling rate for the ALC5639 Realtek Audio Codec through the mic in?

You should get the more detail information from the vendor.

I sent a information request to Realtek over a week ago and haven’t heard a response. So, I want to use a TK1 as the processing/recording backbone for my own little sudden ionospheric discharge observatory. It entails monitoring VLF stations (i.e. ~20KHz, but there is a 60 KHz station nearby) for a sudden drop in signal that can be due to a solar flare hitting the atmosphere, which greatly changes the ionosphere’s reflectivity in the VLF band.

I am looking for a low-power solution that can record HD audio (i.e. sampling rates >120 KHz) so that I can conceivably monitor the 60 KHz signal and potentially power the system off of a battery.

Hi tcumby,

Did you check the datasheet of ALC5639? Here are some data from it, for more details need vendor to help:

Two 24bit/8kHz ~ 192kHz I2S/PCM interface for stereo DAC
Two 24bit/8kHz ~ 192kHz I2S/PCM interface for stereo ADC
The clock frequency which provide from codec to DMIC is better to offer from 1MHz to 3MHz