Audio rasterization 1d audio array to 2d audio rastogram for use in 2d FFT


I just read in a article about 2d audio convolution that the signals
need to be transformed to a 2d rastogram before the actual FFT transformation…
According to the writer:

Rasterisation is the process by which a 1D audio data array
is converted to a 2D matrix using raster scanning.
The resulting representation can be displayed as a grayscale image called a rastogram,
where the spatial dimensions represent time at two different
resolutions and sample amplitude gives the pixel intensity

Can anyone confirm this please?

Any hints on where to look for information?

Here is the link to the article in case you wanna have a better look:


The conclusion says:


… provided that the width of the raster scan is set to match a periodic component of the signal … however there are limitations when it comes to detailed analysis and processing … interesting potential for novel effects, with some exciting results, although at the moment these implementations have limited capabilities, partly due to problems with the analysis methods[/i]

This is experimental research, rather than an established method.