Audio Support for the Jetson TX1


I am considering purchasing the Jetson TX1 development kit for my personal use. I am wondering if, were I to develop on this board, I would be able to obtain the same driver support and audio codecs as the NVIDIA Shield board has. Namely, I am looking to have Dolby support, WAVE support, and other various supported audios listed on the NVIDIA Shield TV spec sheet at this link:

Please let me know if this would be possible on the development board. I understand this is rather vague, but I would like to attempt to develop to a product that has some of the same capabilities as the Shield TV while using the development kit.


Hi JVinsko,

Jetson TX1 is unlike Shield, it has no internal codec. If want to get audio work, you need to design a audio board firstly. Jetson TX1 leaves a connector, J21, for audio board.