Audio to face quick render option?

I was looking around to c if I could find an option to just render out the facial animation to disk in a mov or images separately or whatever.
Since the rendering tab only has the settings option and the help only explains the render options I’m a bit lost here.

Anny help is apreciated.

There’s an extension for rendering image sequences or video files called “Movie Capture” which can be activated from “Window → Extensions”. You can install and enable it. Then you can access the movie capture UI from Rendering menu.

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Maybe it`s windows only ?

Hi @nic.tanghe ,
movie capture extension is not included in Audio2face as it’s not a commonly used in A2F due to A2F is not using regular timeline.
For the time being, you can export your animation as USD cache, then bring it over to other app like Create or Machinima and you can load the Moview Capture extension there.