Audio to gesture to Metahuman workflow, Fingers Fix?

I am trying to transfer animations from audio to gesture to Metahuman in UE5.
I have been able to transfer the animation, however, there are some major issues going on with the fingers,
Any help on how this
can be fixed or what could be causing this?
have tried the same in blender as well and the same issue is coming.

Hi @ayushsahai0074 ,
I’ve reached out to our team here to share some infos. I won’t be able to check this out for another week. Hope it’s resolved by then.

@ayushsahai0074 while the dev reaches out, the explanation in this thread here sounds like the reason behind why you are experiencing this issue. Below is an excerpt:

on the A2G armature, we don’t have the finger tip joint as they are not used.
The points on the last segment of the finger are all weighted to the last joint of the chain.
When setting up retargeting in kit, if your target character has extra finger tip joint, you can manually pick the right joint for it on the retarget UI.

I am also interested in knowing if there’s a solution to this; let’s wait and see from the dev team.

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this is the workflow that i have used, The fingers are looking really weird, Any help is appreciated.

Fingers are very tricky to retarget. First the retarget pose has to match between two skeletons. For example, fingers in the bind pose could be narrow or wide or they might face different direction, which could cause twist and look weird. Also the way you look at this is that not looking at joints transform but looking at skinned hand posture, and see if they match relatively.

Secondly, as @esusantolim pointed out in the other thread, the # of joints in the finger could impact, and how it’s skinned. The retargeter is FK chain retargeter, and how you pick your tags will create those chains and to match between.

We’d like to create an easier way to retarget Audio2Geature to MetaHuman, but no immediate plan yet.

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okay understood, What are some of the fixes I could try as of now to get better-looking results?

Have you tweaked the retarget pose? Check the retarget pose for both MH and A2G man, and how fingers are aligned, and try to match it. You can do that in the retarget editor in UE.

Also I wonder for fingers, just use IK, not FK? You can control weight of IK/FK for each chain.

Maybe you need to try to firstly apply all the bones separately from a2g armature to your metahuman character’s armature using Rokoko Retarget Plugin.

oh, interesting. is the Rokoko plugin free?

Yes, have a look