Which device is used for a headphone jack? A plugable USB Audio Adapter.

That, or you can use a USB-C to audio dongle.

There’s also a PC Audio Header on the underside of the devkit, please see the Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification document for more info.

Is there an off-the-shelf cable that attaches to the Xavier audio header that one can then connect headphones and microphones?

Hi bwallach.
Any HD-Audio front panel cable for a normal pc will work, using it myself,
in my case i just pulled it from a old pc :)

Be aware that there is also an older standard not called “Hd-Audio” that has the same plugg, that one will not work but it won’t hurt you xavier…

That worked!

I used an old monitor with speakers on it, through HDMI

I have attached type c to audio converter and attached 3.5mm earphones but I could not get sound in my earphones. Please help

Hi devangthakar12,

Please open a new topic for this issue. Thanks