Audio2 gesture animation speed

Hi, i followed Audio 2 gesture to UE tutorial.
When animation is created from audio file, speed (everything is set to 30 fps) looks good, but when exported to .usd and reimported on sequencer (for exporting to .fbx) animation looks double(?!) slow than original captured even frames count is proper.
Is there something i am missing or doing wrong?
Thnx in advance,

Hello @admir1! I need a little bit of clarification so that I can direct your question to the right person. It sounds like you successfully created an A2F file then opened that file in Machinima using the sequencer extension? Then when you exported that file out as an fbx, the animation is 2x slower? Is that correct?

I have created gesture from audio file inside Machinima. Exported result into .usd and placed it back in Sequencer on skeleton. When animation is played from sequencer or exported from it to .fbx its much slower than one played from Audio2Gesture interface. Everything is set to 30fps.

Got it! Thank you for clarifying @admir1! Let me see if I can get someone on the sequencer team to help you with this!