Audio2Emotion: Auto-Emotion for Streaming Audio Player


First of all, I want to say the Audio2Emotion feature is amazing. Good work Nvidia team!

I have tried it with the default demo (full face + regular audio player) and it seems to work great with auto-emotion as well.

However, when I tried with the ‘full face + streaming audio player’ demo, the auto-emotion feature does not work at all. This is quite a bummer as I feel this feature would be fully fleshed out by a streaming player instead.

Are there any ways to get auto-emotion to work with a streaming audio player?

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Hi @user149936, thanks for trying out Audio2Emotion!

As you found out, the audio2emotion currently only works with the regular player and not with the streaming player.
We’re working towards the audio2emotion for the streaming player in the future release, so please stay tuned.



Thank you for such a prompt reply.

Are there any loose deadlines on when the streaming player audio2emotion feature would be released? It would greatly help my work if I can have a rough estimate on this release.


Hello all,

Any update from nvidia regarding usage of auto-emotion feature with streaming ?

Thanks in advance

Next version is slated for summer of this year. Stay tuned as we get closer to the release date.

Thanks for the reply.

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