Excited for Audio2Emotion release. I have a question about compatibility.

Will Audio2Emotion be compatible with RTX 3050 EX (Galax)?

(I’ve been using Audio2Face with this graphics card and it works very well. But I’m worried about the updates).

Should be fine. It is using more AI models with Audio2Emotion, so will tax the GPU bit more with Tensor RT. If you have many AI models running the background it can be bit more taxing but in our tests so far it should work fine.

However, once is released if you do run into issues, do let us know. Thanks.

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when will Audio2Emotion be released? Is it just an update to Audio2Face or is it a separate application?

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Any chance we can expect it in the next 72 hours? I just need to plan out the rest of my week.

Audio2Emotion is part of Audio2Face. A technology and feature you can use with Audio2Face or you can use alone to detect emotion based on audio input

Is it already available in the current version of Audio2Face or is it something that is coming soon?

It’s an important update that is coming soon. We were told it would be released in early July.

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