Audio2Face 2021.3.3 is now live

Hi everyone! Audio2Face 2021.3.3 is now available on Omniverse Launcher. Included in this update is a preview release of batch audio processing and some additional bug fixes. Batch processing will allow the user to export blend weight animation files for each audio file located in the Audio source directory as either .Json or .USD.

New Features.

  • Batch Audio Processing.


  • Python user variable robust improvements. Resolves issue around Ignoring user’s global PYTHON* environment variables.
  • Streaming extension enabled by default.
  • Fixed issue with emotion settings saving/loading to/from USD.
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Hello. I can’t find the Audio2Face app on the Omniverse Launcher. Is it temporarily down? Or is there an alternative way to download and install? Thanks.

I cant find it in my launcher

I also can’t find it in my launcher. I selected “personal use” when installing the launcher. Is the Audio2Face app appeared by this option?

We are having technical issue. We are trying to bring it back ASAP.
Please check the updates here:

The Audio2Face app is simply missing from the Omniverse launcher, can someone please address this!!!


I can’t find it either… It does not appear in exchange section…

Good morning, I wanted to know if the GTX 1080 TI can run the A2F software, because I had problems with the interface…

Thank you for your patience, Audio2Face has been restored to the launcher. Please let us know if you have any further issues downloading from the launcher.

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I cant find it in my launcher

Hello, it does not appear in the omniverse launcher, the same thing happens to several of us, could you fix it please?

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