Audio2Face 2022: Unexpected error in Blendshape Conversion results on version change

I followed the Omniverse Tutorial and on version 2021.3.3 everything was working perfectly fine, but now on the new version 2022.1.2, the same exact process results in a big error, that deforms my model’s face completely.

The process I used is:

  1. Added Mark Template
  2. Added my model and used the Mesh Fitting tool with control points and ran Post Wrap.
  3. Hooked the A2F pipeline on Mark, everything works, when I animate Mark, my base_result mesh is also animated.
  4. Choose the Blendshape conversion tool with Input mesh the “base_result” and the Blendshape mesh is the “base”.

The results were the expected on 2021.3.3 but in 2022.1.2 the model is deformed and suddenly looks like this:

What changed between versions that originates such a different result with the exact same asset and process? Do I need to do an extra step that I’m missing now? The result is so different between versions that it looks like a bug.
Here’s the model I used as well:
didimoTemplate_96bs(2).usd (4.9 MB)