Audio2Face - Better keyframing tools coming?

Audio2Face supports keyframing to set emotions over the course of an audio clip:

However, these keyframes are essentially write-once. Currently, there’s no support to dragging the keyframes around afterwards. If you want to move the keyframe, you have to delete it, and completely recreate it at a different point in time.

There’s also no support for sheet/curves, which would allow us to adjust the easing, or transition speed, of the emotions.

I was wondering if these tools would be getting some feature improvements in the near future? Or whether they already support this, and I just didn’t notice it? Thanks.

Thanks for suggesting this feature. I created a ticket for this: OM-88024

Hi @dan.goyette The current keyframe implementation in A2F is a temporary one to provide minimal functionality while we work towards the better solution. We are implementing the Timeline, keyframe and curve editing animation tools found in create into A2F for the intuitive keyframe experience you expect.


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