Audio2Face crashes during Mesh Fitting

I have tried working with Human Generator character and tried just the face (no eyes, tongue, etc) and “begin mesh fitting” runs for a while, gets to 37% and then crashes. I tried this with Demo_regular.usda and the same thing happens. I am using an RTX 2060, and watch VRAM usage, never got above 3.5GB. Running windows 10 with 32GB memory. I tried this with Audio2FACE VER. 2011.2.0. I included log for the Demo_regular.usda trial. Is there a fix for this… or is it pilot error? Thanks, Mike
kit_20230207_092641.log (833.4 KB)

Hello @mtmorrione! I’ve sent this over to the dev team to evaluate! Could you send me a copy of your USD file? You can either attach it here or email it to me at:

A development ticket was created from this post. OC-82524: Audio2Face crashes during Mesh Fitting