Audio2face Custome head poly count and attached meshes

Hello there, I have some questions about custom models into A2F. First, I saw that the original head model in A2F its have about 65.000 polys, my question is: which is the limit of poly counts that A2F can handle? and wich is the amount of polys that you recomend to work flawless iin A2F?.
also tried to attach the upper jaw of mu custom head model, I attached the meshes in zbrush and also in maya but A2F still say that I have to separate the meshes, wich is the way to correctly attach those meshes in order that A2F acept them as one? Thank you for your time and look forward your awsers.

Hello @solidghoststudio! The number of polygons that A2F can handle is limited by your computer environment. (The more VRAM the better!)

A2F requires that a Head Mesh must be broken down into its individual mesh components. Head Mesh, Left Eye, Right Eye, Lower Teeth and Tongue must be individual meshes and cannot contain sub meshes. For tutorials on how to setup your character, you can take a look at this video: Audio2Face - Character Setup Overview | NVIDIA On-Demand

We also have several A2F tutorials available! Open the Omniverse Launcher and click the Learn tab!

Check out our full documentation here: Audio2Face Documentation

Thank you Wendy!